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Sabtu, 7 Mei 2016


Anda Anda Dalam Ni? yang Mana Satu cer komen kalau pernah dapatkan 

Service Macnote?

cik ayu - cyberjaya - (up ssd imac)

Tuan firdaus - Kuala Lumpur (A1419 imac full spec 2TB + 64GB RAM + Chipset A1466)

Puan izzaty - shah alam (imac A2116 - chipset)

Cik nabila - shah alam (imac A1418 - upgrade ssd 500gb)

Bro Zul - kajang (Upgrade ssd imac)


Tuan Saiful Rizal-Bentong,Pahang-(Upgrade SSD)

Tuan Nur Muhd Ariff-Batu Caves-(Format MacOs)


Encik Ahmad Naim-Shah Alam-(Repair Chipset+Upgrade SSD)

Tuan Fadly Halim-PPAM (Upgrade SSD+Upgrade RAM)

Mr Derek - Shah Alam ( Upgrade SSD)

 Tuan Firdaus- Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur (UPGRADE SSD +Tape iMac Slim)

Tuan Adi 6ixth Sense-Shah Alam (Upgrade SSD)

Tuan Hilmi -Bangi (Buyer iMac)

Tuan Aidil, Damansara Perdana (Format iMac)

Tuan Hafez,Bangi (Upgrade SSD- Mac Mini)

 Tuan Khairy, Kajang (Chipset Repair)

Mr Tommy ,Keramat  (Upgrade SSD)

 Tuan  Zulhilmi, Shah Alam (Repair Chipset+Upgrade SSD)

Tuan Firdaus Ahmad, Batu Caves (Repair Chipset)

Cik Hanis Radhiah, Kajang (iMac Replacement Front Glass +Replacement iMac screen)

Tuan Muhammad Syiham,Pekan (Install Software)

Tuan Azlan, Mahkota Cheras (Upgrade SSD+ HDD Caddy)

Mr Julian Lim,Putrajaya (Format Clean)

Puan Ezza, Bukit Jalil (Format+Backup Data)

Tuan Hafizul Hakim, Taman Sri Gombak ( iMac Slow )

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Encik Helmi ( Upgrade SSD )

Encik Amirul Arif ( Imac logic board problem + upgrade RAM )

Mr Gan Kian Boon

Mr lee Wei Ching ( Upgrade storage SSD )

Encik Rezualilzwan, KL ( SSD 480GB + Service )

Encik Shah ( Upgrade SSD )

Encik Safwan, Pulau Tioman ( repair )

Mr Eric, Empire City Damansara ( Replacement SSD 500GB )

Encik Arif, Gombak ( Format + Backup )

Tuan Phun Poh Seong, Ipoh ( iMac Format )

Tuan Abdul Muhaimin, Kajang ( iMac Cannot ON )

Cik Ashikin, Sungai Besi ( iMac Slow )

Tuan Khairul Azlan, Puchong ( IMac Slow & SSD Upgrade )

Tuan Aiman, Shah Alam ( IMac Slow & SSD Upgrade )

Encik Azlan - Replacement SSD 240gb + Ram 2gb - puchong

Encik Hamami - Upgrade SSD - Bandar Seri Putra

Terima kasih Encik Amil dari Batu Caves

Replacement Chipset Imac 

Cannot on Screen Blank

Thanks wakil En Shonyap dari Subang 
Replacement SSD 240GB + Glue Imac Service

En Hanafi dari Gombak Setia
                                                         Replacement Hard Disk SSD 120GB 

Terima Kasih Sir Michael From Cheras (Replace Chipset)

Terima kasih Mr Ruzaini dari Sungai Buloh !
( iMac ­čľą SSD Upgrade + Parallel Windows on iMac )

Terima kasih Mr Umar dari Seri Kembangan !
( iMac ­čľą Chipset Logicboard Repair )

Terima kasih Mr Zakwan daripada Ampang !
( iMac ­čľą Parallel Windows )

Terima kasih Mr Vieshal dari Klang !
( iMac ­čľą Slim Replace SSD 500GB )

Terima kasih Mr Staley dari Klang !

( iMac ­čľą Slim Replace Storage )

Terima kasih Encik Syahrul dari Wangsa Maju.
( imac chipset replacement & macbookpro upgrade ssd . ram upgrade )

Terima Kasih Wakil Kepada En Lassim Dari Maluri ( Replacement Chipset Imac )

Terima Kasih En Meor Ahmad Dan Istri Dari Rawang ( replacement ssd 256gb)

Terima Kasih Lincoln dari sri kembangan ( replacement chipset imac)

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