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Rabu, 7 Februari 2018

Inkscape: Pros and Cons

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Inkscape, an alternative to Ai, is a professional tool ideal for vector art lovers and graphic designers who use SVG file format. The tool is perfect for Windows, Linux, OS, and Mac as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or just a person who wants to create vector images for a personal blog. In terms of sketching, coloring or making illustrations Inkscape is very easy to use. With the Ghostscript extension .eps files are easily readable. It also comes with awesome features like:
  • Ability to directly edit the source code.
  • Keys to move screen pixels.
  • Edit clones on the canvas.
  • Edit gradients.
  • Fill paint-bucket with one click.


  • Absolutely free.
  • Endless Filters.
  • New effect tools as a bonus.


  • Extremely slow.

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